Hodnet Hall

I cannot Thank you and the Lightech team enough for everything that you all did for us at Hodnet Hall. it looked truly spectacular from the Church to the reception, dining, nightclub and smoke terrace. I know that the Herber-Percy's were thrilled with it and it exceeded all their expectations. Sophie dropped me a really sweet letter and described the whole day as 'magical' while Mrs Herber-Percer said that it was what she had dreamed of.

I know all the elements make it come together, but the lighting is something that can make it or break it and it defiantly made it. Without your fabulous input, the approach would have been not only hazardous but also dull, the reception would have felt cold, the flowers and dining would have lacked impact and the nightclub atmosphere.

Jack deserves a gold medal, he worked tirelessly and was always upbeat and smiling. Nothing was too much trouble and no matter what he was doing, at any given moment he was willing to come to our rescue.

Thank you so much for sorting out all those last minute additions from lighting towers to blow heaters, Everyone was so helpful and eager to make the whole thing one big success.

It was a fantastic to work with you and I hope that we get plenty more opportunities both this year and those that follow.

I have asked the photographer for some interior shots, so wil forward any good lighting ones to you.

Best wishes,



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Scan of Hodnet Hall
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