About Us

We are a small company with a big thirst for creative work, plenty of imagination, and hard-earned experience all of which enable us to deliver some of the most exciting and unique lighting designs for special events.

From minor beginnings in 1987 we have grown substantially and focused especially on lighting for events in marquees, temporary structures, venues and outdoors.

The other main division of our business is the provision of professional firework displays, either separately or in conjunction with our lighting service.

We provide the full package of lighting which you may need for either a private party, a wedding, conference, charity ball or corporate hospitality. We will design a lighting scheme for you, or work under your instruction or that of your event planner.

Within our office are a dedicated team who will be able to process your enquiry through the design stage and on to quote level.

Our technicians would then be responsible for delivering and installing the chosen equipment, usually including operating this throughout the event.

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