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I just wanted to record our thanks for the considerable amount of help, advice and expertise which Light Tech and all the staff involved brought to our event. The lighting effects were stunning and the professionalism with which the whole set up and management of the evening was handled was a major contribution to the success of the weekend. 

Having seen the house and surrounds so flatteringly illuminated I am now suffering from delusions that I live in a property much grander than it is; but the external colour effects have not missed the attention of passers by on the evening. 

My particular thanks to Anthony who calmly wove his way through all the tensions leading up to the "Great Night" - well I expect he's seen it many times before - and came up trumps rescuing the wedding cake from abandonment in the early hours of Sunday morning - he continued to smile throughout and was greatly appreciated. 

So I wish you success with your forthcoming events, and thank you for adding the magic sparkle to our weekend. 

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